QDIPRO ensure SAP security by providing strong protection.

Various types of security layers have been built-in to protect SAP transactions and data from unwanted access and use. This ensure smooth and protected SAP-QDIpro integration and well tested and trusted user experience.


QDIpro User Access: Access to QDIpro is controlled by username and password. Any user who do not have access to QDIpro can not access or use QDIpro. Only a valid user with proper level access can use QDIpro.
QDIpro Strong Encryption: QDIpro recording scripts are stored in your local machines with strong encryption. Only the QDIpro software can understand these scripts and thus provide additional layer of security on scripts.
QDIPro Scripts control: QDIpro provide option to the user to protect their script. The Owner of the script has the option to mark a script as private and only he would be able to use that script.
SAP Transaction Authorization: QDIpro products can only be used by SAP users who have access to the required transactions. Any users who do not have access to an SAP transaction cannot use QDIpro to load data or to record script.
SAP RFC authorization: QDIpro require SAP RFC authorization to connect with SAP system. This provide an additional level of security in the integration.
SAP Logging: SAP maintains history for all Transaction changes and updates just as it does for manual input. In addition, QDIpro maintains an activity log at a summary level for each run on QDIpro server.
Well tested and trusted SAP Security: The SAP Business Suite contains sensitive data that is essential for day-to-day business operations and for business initiatives and regulatory compliance requirements. QDIpro supports this extensive authorization functionality built into the SAP Business Suite that protects SAP transactions and data. Only a valid user with right level of SAP system access, right level of QDIpro software access and with right SAP RFC authorization access would be able to connect and use QDIpro.


If you still have questions on security, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Global team at Global Contact Information