High Return of Investment and Low Data Upload Cost

Significantly reduces data loading cost, minimizes burden on IT, and increases saving potentials.

High Return of Investment (ROI):

Currently business has limited flexibility and is completely dependent on IT to provide mechanism to bring data into SAP. IT companies mainly uses ABAP technology to build objects to load data. Let’s see a competitive advantage of QDIpro over a currently used methods for a small project where roughly 30 data objects are needed to fulfill data the need.

Generally, with conventional approach an ABAP development is normally used where development efforts would require technical skills resources, efforts and time to develop the solution. In the above small illustrated example, with QDIpro the state-of-art automation product, business would start see huze saving of more than $100K in the above small example and unlike ABAP developments, the solution would be quick, easy and without technical resource dependency. Moreover, QDIpro provides better advance error handling mechanism.

  • More than $100K saving every time you use QDIPRO solution.
  • No wait time for ABAP development to complete/build.
  • No dependency on technical team. Business can load data themselves.
  • Quick and advance data load solution.
  • Bring complete automation in a simplified way of data load.

In short QDIPRO offers –

  • Nearly 80-90% savings over traditional ABAP solutions.
  • Takes 80-90% less time to build the solution over traditional ABAP solutions.
  • Require no technical knowledge or technical consultant’s time

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